Oops, My Bad! 5 Ways Your Business Can Improve by Admitting to Mistakes

Admitting your mistakes works in all facets of our lives! Great stuff from one of my favorite winemakers!

Pinkham Communications

Everyone makes mistakes. No one likes admitting to them. As businesspeople we worry that customers will be intolerant of our missteps and foul-ups. The truth is, though, denying them only magnifies an already awkward situation and ends up hurting your reputation. Handling them right, on the other hand, can actually shore up relationship, spark improvements and benefit your brand.

When Bonnie Harvey and I founded Barefoot Cellars we started out in the laundry room of a rented Sonoma County farmhouse. We knew almost nothing about winemaking or the wine business. We made many mistakes over the years. Yet, we decided to own up to them and view them as opportunities to learn and grow — and in the process we gained respect and loyalty from our customers.

A few suggestions on handling your next business “my bad”:

1. Cop to it. People actually like a little imperfection now and then…

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