Never Expected

She looked out the window on that cold January day and took stock of her life.  As a young girl she was carefree and easy to get along with.  She would go outside that small house in the middle of nowhere to play with the dogs, make mud pies, and pick flowers.  Throughout high school she was always looking for a good time by defying all authority in her life and rebelling against “the man” usually disguised as her parents.  She has just been through the most challenging experience she will ever have.  Who or what pushed her to this life she never expected?

He looked out the window on that cold January day and took stock of his life.  How did he get here?  Everything changed in a matter of moments today.  One minute he was loving her and encouraging her and the next was a flurry of activity that he won’t be able to remember tomorrow, but at the same time will never forget.  Gone were the days of hauling hay or hiking with the guys.  Gone were the nights of freewheeling and spontaneous parties with friends.   Who or what pushed him to this life he never expected?

She opened her eyes on that cold January day shaking and not sure where she was.  Someone was holding her but why?  Had something bad happened that caused her to block the day’s events out of her mind?  She had been so comfortable and content and then suddenly everything changed.   Strange people were all around her.   They were poking her and cleaning her off.  How did she get this gross stuff all over her?  Suddenly there were flashing lights!  Every time she thinks she can open her eyes a bright light shines in them.  But wait, she feels warmth she has never felt before.  There is a new set of hands on her – strong yet gentle.  Now, a new set of arms are holding her and she feels love that she never felt before.   Who or what pushed her to this life she never expected?

They look out the window on that cold January day and take stock of their lives.  How did they get here?  It seems like only yesterday they were traveling through their lives preparing for another bill to pay or another event to attend or another day to muddle through in the lives they carved out for themselves.  Now they were here, together in this sterile room and a new chapter was beginning.  Will she be like her mother, rebellious and outgoing, or like her father, diligent and steadfast?  Will she be the best of both of them?  Where will she go to school?  Who will she marry?  This beautiful little girl has pushed them to a life they never expected.


Creative writing has never been my thing, so this was a great challenge.  I loved how the story evolved as I was writing it.  I usually write about my life, today I wrote some fiction that could be true.  This WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge, “And Now For Something Completely Different,” helped me to step out of my box a little bit.  It was a blast!  Thanks WP!

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