Making Adjustments

Well, we have arrived in the East Midlands and the adjustments have begun.

2013-06-03 16.25.01The first adjustment we had to make was for the time change.  The small boys really struggled.  They have never really traveled.  I mean, we drive all over the U.S. to see family and do fun stuff, but a 7 hour plane ride was a pretty major deal.  They have really been golden through all the this and if it weren’t for the jet-lag, I am sure the boys would be running around like, well….boys.  Smallest boy’s jet-lag presented itself with extreme fatigue to the point of vomiting. (Always great when in a small hotel room. UGH!).  Medium boy just slept a lot.  But as children always seem to do, they bounced right back on day 3 and we are now raring to go.

The next adjustment has been to the food.  I will say that the English in general get The-Hairy-Bikers-steak-and-ale-piea bad rap for their food, and while it may have been justified in the past, they have overcome it.  The least expensive way for us to eat out is to go to one of the local pubs and I had an incredible Steak and Ale pie with chips and brown gravy that was to die for with a Stouffers Hard Cider.  That has been my favorite meal so far.  Even with the great pub food, we needed a little taste of home today, so of course, where did we go???  McDonalds.

And finally, adjustments to money differences.  The US dollar is pretty weak over here so the exchange rate is about $1.60 to 1GBP.  Frugality is the name of the game and we are going to make it work, but I see some lean weeks ahead as we make that

The adjustments to come in the next week will be learning to drive on the left side of the road,  moving into the house, setting up satellite tv, internet and broadband (which takes up to two weeks to get done) and waiting for all our stuff to get delivered.  Once we get through all that I will be able to start looking for some online projects to manage and focus on getting the boys ready for school.

Tell me about some of the adjustments you are making right now. It doesn’t take a move across the pond for changes to happen.  I would love to hear from you!

4 thoughts on “Making Adjustments

  1. steph, i’m so excited for you guys!!! i’m so glad you are documenting it! glad you made it safely!

    my adjustment is i’m working full time now 🙂

  2. very cool for you all, I’m surprised RR doesn’t have housing and everything else for you all for no cost, especially for 15 months. When we moved there it was all taken care of…fine house in Darly Abbey, schooling, bus rides to school, etc.

    • Frank – RR has it all taken care of but we still have to sign for everything and then wait… that is what is going on right now. You should plan a trip down the real life memory lane while we are here!

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