Things That My Granny Taught Me

Photographic Print by H. Armstrong Roberts, available at

So adjusting has been easy and hard at the same time.  We are finally over the jet lag and are moving into a little bit of a routine every day.

I never realized how much I take things, like a washer and dryer, for granted.  I had to wash our clothes by hand the first few days and then hang them out on the line.  WOW!  Thank God that my granny taught me how to do all those things when I was a kid.  For those of you not old enough to know how they washed clothes before all our modern conveniences, it was an all day ordeal that involved a lot of arm strength and standing in front of a tub scrubbing, then wringing out the clothes so they could be hung to dry.  In my case, it was a sink, with running water, so it wasn’t as bad, but it gave me a greater appreciation for all that my granny did for us and what she taught me.

This weekend we had a lot of running around to do to get the house liveable until our stuff gets here (hopefully next week), but we did have a few minutes to get out to the village of Matlock and walk around.  The boys found out that there will be a lot of walking in our future and we stumbled upon a beautiful church and graveyard.  Here are a few pictures of our adventure.

One of the great blessings of the past few days is that England has been enjoying some of the sunniest, warmest weather it has had in many years.  Lots of sunshine and temperatures between 22-28 degrees Celsius.  For our American friends that is about 75-90 with very little humidity.    We know it won’t last, but we are out enjoying it anyway.

Is there any skill or talent you learned from your grandparents or parents that you still use today?  What are you doing this summer?  Are you being tourists in your own town or area, or are you headed out for a big adventure?

2 thoughts on “Things That My Granny Taught Me

  1. beautiful pics Stephanie, glad you all are settling in! Check into doing some brass rubbings at one of the country churches from a tomb of a Lord & Lady from the area. Makes great artwork in the home, especially when back in the States. Tell the family Hi…Frank

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