Castles, Knights and Princes – OH MY!

So it has been a great week!  Awesome weather – some sun, some true misty, cool, English days, and a thunder storm with no lightning.  And to top it off, the new prince was born yesterday!  So exciting!

We visited our first castle this past weekend.  It is only about 15 minutes from our house and although, like most castles in England, it is is ruins, it was a great day.  We got our first taste of “real” English weather.  It was about 60 degrees (15-18 Celsius) with a light mist most of the day.  But, that did not deter us – for if we are going to be truly English, we can’t let the rain keep us from going out – or we will never go out.

The castle we visited was the Ashby de la Zouch Castle.  Construction on the castle started in the 15th century and is one of two castles that was owned by William, Lord Hastings, and licensed by King Edward IV.  The castle has a colorful history, including being badly damaged during the English Civil War in the 17th century.  But, this castle and its grounds became a tourist attraction in the 19th century as it became famous through one of the first historical fiction novels ever written – Ivanhoe, by Sir Walter Scott.  Some pictures are below, but you really must come over and see it for yourself.  There is a great audio tour that you listen to while walking through the grounds that is absolutely hilarious and really brings it all back to life.

We are planning to go back with a picnic lunch on Saturday.  That day there will be Knights there demonstrating the games of old, with a special Knights Drill for the boys to participate in.  As you can imaging they are very excited.

What kind of things are exciting for you or your kids this summer?

Do you follow the Royal Family?  What do you think they will name the sweet little prince?

3 thoughts on “Castles, Knights and Princes – OH MY!

  1. How fun and exciting! Love the photos!! If all goes as planned, we will be taking our 2nd annual Epic Road Trip to the Grand Canyon in September.

    As for the name…I would think they would somehow honor Diana with the name…perhaps her father’s name?

    • I remember all your posts from your trip last year! Looked like y’all had a wonderful time.

      The historians here are saying they will have to pick one of the old family names – but there are a lot to choose from. I agree that they will probably honor Diana somehow.

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