Driving, Groceries, and Friends

I never realized how much I take for granted.  I think we are all guilty of complacency and not appreciating all the gifts God has given us.  When we do appreciate the gifts we tend to think only of the big blessings – thank you Lord for my house, my health, my family, that great job, the big raise, et ceterra, et cettera, et cettera.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie! if you don’t know what it is – shame on you!
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The past few weeks have taught me that there are so many little things (and a few big) that I have been taking for granted.  Here are just a few:

1.  Driving:  I have been driving since I was 15.  I was lucky enough to get my driver’s license the first time I tested on my 16th birthday.  Do you remember the first time you drove, even with an adult, and you were freaked out when a car approached from the other direction?………. I didn’t either, but my sweet husband insists that we all felt a twinge of fear due to oncoming traffic.  Well, take that fear (remembered or not) and roads that are WAY more narrow than our abundant highways and byways in the US, and multiply it by say, I don’t know, 100.  Now, combine that “number” with the added stress of driving on the left hand side of the road (for you Americans that would be the wrong side), the nagging of a GPS telling you to cross the roundabout (another element of the equation) and take the third exit and what you have ladies and gentleman is the perfect recipe for a bleeding ulcer. Oh and don’t forget the two kids fighting in the back seat – UGH!

2.  Groceries and Recipes:  This has been eye opening for me.  I am blessed to have so many recipes and cook books handed down to me by my mother, grandmother, mother/sister-in-law, aunts, and many of the other super special women I have known in my lifetime.  Well none of the recipes just work here in the UK.  I have to cross-reference ingredients to make sure I can find a suitable substitute, I have to convert measurements, and I have to convert temperatures.  It isn’t as simple as running to Kroger and knowing what I can pickup in a pinch to make dinner.


3. Friends:  So we have lived a lot of different places.  My Facebook friends list has a little over 500 people on it – crazy I know – but when I look at the list I can remember everyone on that list fondly in one way or another.  Facebook has allowed me to reconnect with people from every place I have lived, every place I have worked, each church I have attended – the list is really endless.  While that has been a huge blessing, I realize that I have taken those friendships for granted for so long.  And I am adding people to the list everyday.  So, even if you don’t hear from me everyday or even if I only post on your wall on your birthday – know I love you and you mean the world to me!  I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it hadn’t been for the influence of each and every one of you.

So, all that to say:





For all the things and people I take for granted, let me say I appreciate you!  I appreciate the little things and the big things!  I know what an influence all of it AND YOU have been in the past and in the future!  I thank God for all of you!!

What have you been taking for granted lately?

2 thoughts on “Driving, Groceries, and Friends

  1. Amen sister!! I have taken for granted knees that work!! I have been on crutches now for 6 weeks since knee surgery and have found that non-weight bearing limbs make life much more interesting to say the least. Like the ability to carry, well, anything!!

    My family, the staff here at work, and virtually everyone around me has literally served as both arms and legs for me since the surgery, and I’m truly grateful for all the help!!

    So, for me, it has been mobility and the fact that I am surrounded by those who love and care for me and will put up with me in this state!! hahaha

    Miss you much and hope the driving issue becomes easier and more comfortable EVERY day!


    • Mobility is definitely critical! When are you and Todd coming to see us???? If you plan far enough in advance you can get some pretty sweet airline deals.

      Love you and miss you too!

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