Lichfield Cathedral and Bolsover Castle

We are still exploring our shire and are seeing some incredible things!

So last Thursday, dear husband left work a little early and we drove to the village of Lichfield.  Lichfield is home to one of the prettiest, oldest cathedrals in England.  Here is what the cathedral website says about it.

Lichfield lies at the heart of England. 1300 years ago it stood at the centre of the Kingdom of Mercia. When Chad was made Bishop of Mercia in 669 he moved his See from Repton to Lichfield, which may already have been a holy site since there is a legend that Christians were martyred there under the Roman Emperor Diocletian. When Chad died in 672 pilgrims began to come to his shrine, and in 700, Bishop Hedda built a new church to house his bones. Starting in 1085 and continuing through the twelfth century this Saxon church was replaced by a Norman Cathedral, then by the Gothic Cathedral begun in 1195. (

I was in awe at the history and beauty of this church that still has services every day.  People have been worshiping in this building for almost a millennium – not decades, but close to nine centuries almost a MILLENNIUM!!!!  Here are just a few of the pictures I took, but there are tons more at the website linked above.

Sunday we traveled to the northeast edge of the shire to visit a relatively young castle in the village of Bolsover.  Bolsover Castle was originally a medieval fortress built on the hilltop overlooking the village.  It was bought in 1612 by the Cavendish family and has been restored beautifully by the English Heritage Foundation.  The decadence in each room not only displays the wealth of the Cavendish family, but of the entire time period.  Another bonus for the summer is that there are displays of true English horsemanship on the weekends.  We were able to see how these horses are exercised and trained, the special period saddles they wear and all of that happens in the smallest completely enclosed “riding house” I have ever seen.  Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures of the horse show, but I did get a great pic of medium son in the costume.

We created some great memories this past week.  What memories did you create with your family this week or this summer?

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