Battles, History, and Pulling My Hair Out!

I haven’t blogged in a couple of weeks.  No excuses other than we have been so busy seeing new things and getting ready for school to start that I haven’t sat down to really think through everything.  I am going to attempt to capture it all in 500 words or less.

Dear husband took the boys to the Battle of Bosworth reenactment and the boys loved it.  The reenactors are so authentic!  That evening we hosted a group of people from Indiana that had come over to work in Derby and some of our local friends and it was so great to have an American style cookout with great friends.

The following weekend we took the boys on our first overnight trip to London.  London is beautiful!  It is so big and so crowded, but there is no shortage of things to do.  We visited Buckingham Palace, spent a lot of time walking through St. James Park, visited the Churchill War Rooms and Museum, rode on the London Eye, and visited the Natural History Museum!  All in about 48 hours.  Needless to say we were exhausted and ready to come home and chillax for a day.

This week we have been getting ready for school.  There are huge differences in getting ready here vs. getting ready in the states.  So much so that I will post a blog next week to cover all of that.  Suffice it to say that I am SOOOOOOOO ready for school to start!  This summer has been a huge blessing in the fact that I have never been able to spend this much time with any of my children, but it has also been a huge challenge in the fact that I have never been able to spend this much time with any of my children.  I know there are parents out there that know exactly what I mean.

This weekend we spent time at Conkers Discovery Center and The National Forest Adventure Farm.  Heaven for little boys!  I highly recommend both places to anyone with children that need to blow off some steam.

My hair should grow back soon – school starts in 3 days, 18 hours, 20 minutes and 49 seconds, 48, 47, 46………

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