Where has the time gone?

I haven’t posted here in quite some time. My original plan for this blog was to keep everyone up to date on our travels, but we have stopped traveling. Don’t worry! It is all good! Let me update you on the major changes over the past two years.

  • Left England (sad, sad time for us) in December 2015.
  • Arrived in Indiana in December 2015.
  • Scott quit his job at Rolls-Royce in April 2016 after receiving devastating news about a dear friend of ours that was diagnosed with ALS (www.tomstroops.com). He realized that life was too short to be in a job you hate and to be miserable.
  • I received a job offer from Oklahoma State University in July 2016 so we packed up and moved our family back to my home state.
  • Scott started substitute/assistant teaching in Stillwater and got his teaching certification for advanced math for the State of Oklahoma – FINALLY, a job he loves!!!
  • We bought a house in May and we are never moving again (17 times in 25 years is a lot!!!)

So, now you are caught up. The family loves being in Oklahoma so close to extended family and life long friends, and we have made some incredible new friends since moving here. Both boys are thriving in their schools and Scott and I are so chill now. It is as if we can finally relax, set down some solid roots, and really just enjoy life.

We just finished hosting a reunion of the guys that Scott deployed to Desert Storm with and now we are on to getting ready for the new school year. Scott will by THE math department at a small local high school (Go Carney Bulldogs!!!) and will be coaching the skeet shooting team and archery teams, as well as the robotics team. The small boy will be attending school where his dad is teaching and the medium boy is undecided. Having a golf team will be the deciding factor for him.

Dear daughter and large boy, with all our grandkids, are doing well in Alabama and Georgia and we hope to see them all soon.

And to top it all off, I am starting school again (finally) in the fall. I may be 75 years old and using a walker when I cross that stage, but I am going to do it!

SO….we had some big changes over the past couple of years, but they have been great changes for our family! If you don’t mind the Oklahoma heat or unpredictable weather, come see us! We would love to catch up with you!IMG_20170621_055343-EFFECTS

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